Master Me App Reviews

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It works

It did what it said. I only needed arrow keys, which it doesn't have.


Very fun to trike your sister who is siting on your computer

Pretty Cool

Although the mouse is a little laggy, this program is really useful. I recommend that you get team viewer. You can practically turn your device into your computer. Master me helped me until my friend told me about team viewer.

Horrible - Don't Buy

It will only scroll side to side. The cursor stays at the top of the screan and won't go up or down.


I hate this stupid app that never works so boo you to master me

Great stuff!!

Best remote control i've used so far!

Great app, couple of quirks

I couldn't do Command-W. It appears that some of the modifiers don't work with 10.5 built-in remote desktop

Very fast and responsive

This is the best remote control app I've tried so far. It doesn't lag at all on my Mac, unlike many other apps. Maybe the other low-raters don't know how to use VNC?



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